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I'm Mark Anderson, and I have the best job in the world - I’m a cartoonist.

And while drawing funny pictures and writing jokes is fun, my favorite part of the job is getting to look at the world not necessarily as it is, but as it might be.

For example: What would a raccoon order at a restaurant? What might a pirate say to his therapist? And what if someone on trial brought their sousaphone along? (All actual cartoons I’ve done.)

In my cartooning classes, students will learn to see things differently too and explore:

  • Problem solving
  • Design thinking
  • Individuality
  • Curiosity

I’d love to come to your school or library and share not only a lot of fun, but also the benefits of seeing things differently.

All classes are available live at your location, or virtually via Zoom where I can accommodate entire schools at once!

  • Alphabet Animals

    In this high-energy draw-along program, students will learn to draw 26 adorable cartoon animals using only the alphabet and simple shapes.

    • Length: 45-60 Minutes
    • Grades: K-3
  • If You Drew the Zoo

    Students play a series of fun drawing games and invent their own silly animals. And at then end they get to share their funny favorites on the big screen in a wacky zoo!

    • Length: 45-60 Minutes
    • Grades: K-3
  • Number Bots

    A companion to Alphabet Animals, learn to draw all kinds of fun robots using only numbers, Roman numerals, and the occasional math symbol. You will not believe all the things you can draw with numbers!! (Can you find all the numbers in the image above?)

    • Length: 45-60 Minutes
    • Grades: K-3
  • Dinosaurs vs. Robots

    First, kids draw dangerous dinosaurs on one side of the page and then radical robots on the other. What happens next? Do they fight or have a picnic? Shoot lasers or share ice cream? Either way, students love this fun draw-along.

    • Length: 45-60 Minutes
    • Grades: K-8
  • Myth, Magic & Monsters

    Kids will learn to draw all sorts of mythological, fantasy, and fairy tale characters, and then draw in their own stories!

    Will the ogre and unicorn fight? Have a dance party? Meet at a small cafe and discuss the events of the day over coffee and scones?! Whatever happens, students will have a great time!

    • Length: 45-60 Minutes
    • Grades: K-8
  • Sharks vs. Trucks

    Over the past few years of teaching cartooning I’ve asked kids what else they’d like to draw. And by far the two most popular answers are sharks and trucks.

    So here it is! Sharks on one side, trucks on the other! What happens next? Honestly, I have no idea. But you know it's going to be super fun!

    • Length: 45-60 Minutes
    • Grades: K-8

    Holy cartooning class! Learn to draw awesome superheroes and terrible villains and then decide what happens next!

    Will Beltman use his scowl of justice? Will Ms. Quito bite him?! Will they decide to put their squabbles aside and play Monopoly?! (Get out of jail free indeed!) Stay tuned!

    • Length: 45-60 Minutes
    • Grades: K-8

    If you like drawing superheroes and supervillains, but you've already taken the Boom! Pow! Smash!, you're in luck! Now there's a super sequel!!

    Students will learn to draw new characters including Arach-Ned, Stink Bug, Coldsnap, Lady Lava, Whirl-Wendy, Grunt, and Earth-Quack! Don't this miss fantastic followup!

    • Length: 45-60 Minutes
    • Grades: K-8
  • A Tale of Two Tails

    Kids will begin by drawing tons of animals with amazing tails! Peacocks! Scorpions! Lemurs! Rattlesnakes! Hippos! (Hippos?) Yes, hippos! (Wait until you learn how they use their tails. It’s gross.)

    Then they'll draw in their own creative stories!

    (Again, you have to sign up if for no other reason than that hippo thing. Ugh!)

    • Length: 45-60 Minutes
    • Grades: K-8
  • Cartooon Crash-Up

    In this super fun STEAM class, all students will:

    • Investigate and choose their characters
    • Discover how to draw them with step-by-step instructions
    • Imagine fun ways they might interact
    • Create final art pieces and reflect on them
    • Length: 45-60 Minutes
    • Grades: K-8
  • Legend of the Lost Toon

    Kids will learn to flex their cartoon creativity and draw their own:

    • Mysterious Mummies
    • Dangerous Dinosaurs
    • Terrific Treasures

    Then watch as their creations are “dug up” live on the big screen!

    • Length: 45-60 Minutes
    • Grades: K-8
  • Lunar Cartooners

    Kids will travel to the distant reaches of outer space and draw their own:

    • Bizarre blobs!
    • Triangular terrors!
    • Magnificent mustaches?!

    All of that and more! (Cue the theremin music!)

    • Length: 45-60 Minutes
    • Grades: K-8
  • Cats & Dogs

    Draw cunning cats and devious dogs and then decide what happens next!

    Will cat succeed in feeding dog some dirty underwear? Will dog succeed in launching cat into space? Will they (gasp!) eventually get along?!

    Arf arf! Meow!! Bark! Hiss! (That’s cat & dog for “Don’t miss this!”)

    • Length: 45-60 Minutes
    • Grades: K-8
  • Draw Your Own Adventure!

    You decide what, where, and who happens next! Oozing blob or skeleton? Creepy cave or jungle? Dance party or staring contest? We’ll draw based completely on your suggestions!

    • Length: 45-60 Minutes
    • Grades: K-8
  • Bizarre Bugs & Irregular Insects

    Kids will play all sort of fun drawing games and create their own creepy crawlies!

    A bug with as many eyes are you are years old! An insect made entirely of the letter Q! The laughable little brother longlegs!

    Even if you don’t like bugs, you’ll love drawing these!

    • Length: 45-60 Minutes
    • Grades: K-6
  • Draw Your Own Coloring Book

    Students will follow along step by step as we create fun coloring book pages. Tropical fish, outer space, flowers, superheroes, and more!

    Then kids will color them any way they want! (Make sure to have some crayons, markers, or colored pencils nearby,)

    • Length: 45-60 Minutes
    • Grades: K-6
  • Creative Cartooning

    In this fun, hands-on program, participants will learn how to:

    • Draw expressive cartoon faces
    • Sketch bodies in motion
    • Write jokes for cartoons
    • Use symbols to express ideas
    • Length: 45-60 Minutes
    • Grades: 4-6
  • Cartoon Confidential

    Learn about the life of a professional cartoonist. Draw along or just listen as Anderson exposes:

    • His mysterious path to a cartoon career
    • The undisclosed process of writing captions
    • Classified information on drawing
    • Tons of hilarious cartoons
    • Length: 45-60 Minutes
    • Grades: Adult
  • Seasonal Classes

  • Cartoon Monsters

    A total creative bonanza! Students will draw tons of crazy, unbelievable monsters. Weird blobby monsters! Scary pointy monsters! Funny hat-wearing monsters! And at the end, kids get to see their monsters come alive on the big screen and sneak up on poor unsuspecting Fuzzy Bunny!

    Not just for Halloween!

    • Length: 45-60 Minutes
    • Grades: K-6
  • Turkey Toons & Funny Foods

    A funny feast just in time for Thanksgiving!

    Students will draw their favorite foods in hilarious situations! Turkey-zilla! Stuffed stuffing! And mashed potatoes... IN SPAAAACE!

    Students will gobble this drawing class up. (Please note, class is not edible.)

    • Length: 45-60 Minutes
    • Grades: K-6
  • Do You Want to Draw a Snowman?

    There's snow time like winter to take a cartooning class!

    Kids will draw Picasso snowmen, snow animals, snow vacations, and snow much more!

    It's a winter wonderland of creativity! Snow kidding! (OK, that's it for the snow puns. Sorry.)

    • Length: 45-60 Minutes
    • Grades: K-6
  • What Else Did the Groundhog See?

    We know he looks for his shadow one day a year, but what else does he see the rest of the month?! A super silly goofy grab bag that will leave you giggling!

    • Length: 45-60 Minutes
    • Grades: K-6
  • My Silly Summer

    Participants will draw all sort of traditional summer stuff - BBQs, swimming, baseball - and then add a weird twist!

    Grilled underwear?! A nacho cheese water slide?! A giant robo-space-lizard playing shortstop?!

    Don’t miss this creative celebration!

    • Length: 45-60 Minutes
    • Grades: K-6


  • The participants had a great time and learned a lot from Mark, but equally important was Mark’s ability to handle the kids. Not everyone who presents a program knows how to manage kids.

    Deidre Winterhalter

    Niles Public Library

  • Every student was engaged in the experience. They were so impressed with their drawings! Mr. Anderson taught them to draw each character step by step. I would recommend this to any school, club, or program!

    Karen Coffinbargar

    Fullerton Elementary School

  • It was wonderful to see the kids who usually are reluctant to make their presence known become engaged, and even enthusiastic without realizing it. They were having fun, connecting with the activity and the group, and learning about cartooning all the while.

    Jean Jansen

    Villa Park Public Library

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